Grief Support

What is Grief Support?

Although grief affects each person differently there are some symptoms and reactions that are common. It is important to take time to care for yourself and not rush the grieving process. We would like to help guide you through this difficult time.

Our grief services are complementary and of no cost to you.

The program is funded through grants and donations.

Grief Support Services

Individual or Family Counseling- Our Grief Services Coordinator is available to meet with those who have experienced a loss, regardless of time frame, to discuss grief symptoms and offer suggestions on how to cope.

Group Counseling: Grief groups are a chance for people working through a loss to gather together to seek support, information, and socialization. Groups are facilitated by the Grief Services Coordinator

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Virtual Grief Series

Week 1 – Feelings in Grief

 Dr. Alan Wolfelt discusses the multitude of feelings in grief and offers suggestions for coping. Tanya Villanueva Tepper shares her personal experiences with grief and insight

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Week 2 – Anger

Damn Right I’m Bitter! Damn Right I’m Angry! By Mary Van Bockern   I heard through the grapevine thatYou think I’m bitter. Damn right I’m

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Week 4 – Unfinished Business

This article provides more information on unfinished business in grief and offers suggestions for working toward resolutions. In this essay, writer Christine Canieso reflects on her personal

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Week 5 – Life Events

In this Psychology Today article, Amy Morin LCSW offered suggestions for coping with the holidays when you are grieving. In this article by Tiffany Ayuda, she shares her personal

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