8 Things That Happen to You During a Hospice Care Journey

What to expect when your loved one is in hospice, from someone who has been there.

  1. You will convince yourself that hospice care isn’t all about dying.
  2. You will second guess calling in hospice in the first place.
  3. You will have a sinking feeling the moment you realize you really need hospice for your loved one.
  4. At some point on your hospice journey, you will find the hospice nurses have become part of your family and are there to care for you as much as your loved one.
  5. At some point you will make a call like you’ve never had to make and you will use those medications you thought would only collect dust.
  6. You will find yourself surprised at something.
  7. You will be thankful for hospice when it is your loved one’s time to go.
  8. You will find your relationship with the hospice program lasts long after your loved one is gone.

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